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Duck Eggs - GMO, Soy & Chemical Free

Duck Eggs - GMO, Soy & Chemical Free

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Put a unique spin on your breakfast with our high-quality duck eggs! From the heart of Lancaster County, our pastured Khaki-Campbell Ducks produce rich and golden yolks that are free of any GMO, soy, or chemicals. Our ducks are never administered hormones or antibiotics. These eggs are packed with nutrients including vitamins, minerals, proteins, amino acids including choline, vitamin D and K2. These pastured duck eggs contain higher amounts of iron, folate, and B12 than chicken eggs. Amazingly, duck eggs can sometimes be tolerated by individuals who are sensitive to chicken eggs. Take a quack at these eggs and you won't be disappointed!

All shipped orders placed after Wednesday noon will be shipped the following week. All shipped duck eggs will include cold packs. (cost included in shipping)

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