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Michele Fox

Beyond Gluten-Free Cooking Cookbook - Revised 2nd Edition

Beyond Gluten-Free Cooking Cookbook - Revised 2nd Edition

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With even more recipes and pictures than the first edition, this colorful cookbook is full of 400+ nutrient-dense, gut-friendly recipes free from multiple allergens and many known inflammatory foods including gluten, dairy, sugars, lectins, and nightshades. There are low-carb and egg-free options, plus nut free too! Experiment with soaking and sprouting, and using sprouted grain flour for the enhancement of nutritional value and improved digestion. Michele, who grew up with traditional Pennsylvania Dutch cooking, has passionately persevered in her kitchen located in the midst of Amish country, seeking anti-inflammatory foods and recipes for her own family's gut-healing journey, modifying and creating hundreds of recipes in the process for over a decade. Are you or a loved one struggling with leaky gut, food allergies, food intolerance or sensitivities, learning disorders or other neuro challenges, imbalanced blood sugar, autoimmune disease, chronic illness, or searching for better health and wellness?  Beyond Gluten-Free Cooking was created to make healthy food recipes a fulfilling joy!

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